Crisis Team

Purpose:  The David City Public Schools Crisis Team exists to provide the organizational structure and procedures to deal with any crises which impact on students and/or faculty.  The specific procedures that this team uses are described elsewhere and are available upon request. (Teachers, see Teacher Handbook).

Board Policy
Board Rules and Regulations

Danielle Beerbohm
Cortney Couch
Chad Denker
Shane Keeling
Ernie Valentine
Robyn Warner

Bellwood Staff
Matt Bates
Danielle Beerbohm
Melissa Glodowski
Elizabeth Grosc
Lori Meusch
Michelle Romshek
Carrie Thoendel

David City Elementary Staff
Alice Jane Behrens
Melissa Glodownski
Molly Klosterman
Margie Struck
Barb Svoboda
Ernie Valentine

High School Staff
Cortney Couch
Todd Carmichael
Ronda Gestring
Teri Messerer
Sara Miriovsky
Amy Sander
Sam Schlautman
Pam Schmid
Ed Sieck
Travis Worm

School Personnel
Rod Hoeft
Shane Keeling
Nancy Krenk
Lynn Styskall

Kevin Behrens
David Palomaki