Free Software for Home Use


K-9 WEB FILTER by Blue Coat

Free to Home users.  Compatible with Windows and Mac.  Tech support is virtually non-existent, but resources are available.  Many different categories from which you may choose to block.

Download from:


There are many free Anti-Virus programs available, and most do a pretty good job.  However, they typically only protect against traditional viruses and don't offer additional web protection against malware (popups and other junk that slow down your computer and possibly steal information).  For additional malware protection, a paid subscription is often required, however the best defense against malware is simply avoiding suspicious websites.  All of the following Anti-Virus products have free and paid versions.

Bitdefender (
Panda (
Avast (
Webroot (
Kaspersky (

Malwarebytes (Anti-Malware only) (


There are several alternatives to purchasing a tradtional copy of Microsoft Office.

Online / Cloud
Google Docs (
Office Online (

Desktop Software
LibreOffice (
OpenOffice (