Sophomore Reese Svoboda prepares to defend  Scout territory.

“This team has it more challenging than any other group of basketball players for David City because they have to change so much so fast. To go from 8 wins in the past 3 years to a winning season speaks a lot about how invested our guys have been”- Head coach Todd Schulze

The 2022-2023 season will be one to remember as the Scouts are showing the most dominant basketball since the outstanding record of the 2007-2008 Men's Basketball team. That team went 17-4. Although this year's team can't have the 4 losses they have something better: the foundation for years to come. 

This means a lot for the future because David City has been seen as a wrestling and one act town because of the consistent winning culture and banners those activities have brought to the school. But basketball has been in the shadows. Even when the Basketball team has had very good years like the 2007-2008 season they have also had very bad years where they've only won two games. So as a fan you don't know what will happen next with a team that has very good years but can have very bad years.

 Well luckily for the fans, staff, students, and people who support the David City men's basketball team,they are building the foundation for consistently winning basketball games. This is because of the winning culture head coach Todd Schulze has brought to the town of David City. He coached at Osmond previously where he led his team to a runner-up at the state tournament. 

This is coach Schulze's second year at David City and he has already coached the boys to a runner-up at the conference tournament where they dominated Heartland first round and had a very intense overtime game that went down to the wire against Wilber-Clatonia where both teams had their streaks. With Wilber going 7-9 from behind the arc in the first half,  the Scouts persevered and heated up going into the second half, making an 18-point comeback to beat them in overtime by 6 points and advance to the semifinals. 

In the finals they had back-and-forth basketball all the way into the end of regulation, leading the game to overtime where the Scouts kept it close but hot shooting from Fillmore Central  kept the Scouts one point away from the conference championship. Although the Scouts didn't win, coach Schulze is very proud because they competed and didn't expect the win to be handed to them and they did their best to make it happen. The Scouts had two more regular season games, dominating Madison in a one-sided battle and beating Wilber-Clatonia a second time with no overtime and a more handled control of the game in which Caden Denker was hot behind the arc.   

The Scouts have one guaranteed district game, but if they want to keep on playing basketball and building a stronger foundation the Scouts have to keep the momentum going. After a final regular-season game against Clarkson-Leigh on February 17th, the boys will have their first round district game February 21st. The #2 Scouts will take on #3 North Bend Central at Scotus Central Catholic high school, where the Scouts are looking to make some people believe in the culture change.