Addison Kuhlman and Trinity Boss react to being summoned by police officers and notified they had been invited to join NHS.

This year the way the inductees were notified was an eventful one. In past years, they have had scavenger hunts or just told them. This year, they decided to do something exciting. We had new Police Chief Marla Schnell and a deputy come in to classes in the middle of the day to get the student's heart beating. Their phones were taken, and they were all placed in separate rooms sorted by floor levels. But little did they know, they were invited into National Honor Society. 

Mrs. Heins asked sophomore Reese Svoboda if he was scared, and he replied, "Of course, I was scared.” Sophomore Catlyn Kratochvil said her first thought when going into the rooms was, “ Someone is in trouble. Not me, but someone.” The group of new inductees included (Sophmores)Stanley Allen, Trinity Boss, Hannah Gangwish, Hailey Glodowski, Meagan Jahde, Catlyn Kratochvil, Addison Kuhlman,Reese Svoboda, (Juniors) Braxten Osantowski, Joey Scribner, Caroline Slama,  and Clayton Zavodny.