FCCLA advisor Tonya Zegers decorates cookies for the Spring 2022 cookie sales. Cookies for this year's fundraiser will be sold Jan. 30th-Feb. 3rd.

“All you need is love, but a few cookies here and there don’t hurt.”

There is one day when everyone comes together to spread love and joy. Some do it through bouquets of roses, others stuffed animals or chocolate, but the best way is through cookies. Cookies are sweet and chewy but also have that crispy edge. But when would the perfect day be to have cookies? February 14 would be the perfect day.

Valentine’s Day is a day of love shown towards anyone, whether it’s your significant other, friend, or family member. This year the FCCLA has come together to celebrate this special occasion and would like to involve as many people as possible. They have two goals in mind: raising money for fundraisers and bringing students together.

“Funds are made for leadership opportunities for the members,” said Mrs. Tonya Zegers, the FCCLA advisor.

However, most importantly this will give an amazing opportunity for kids to enjoy time with friends while decorating cookies for someone special. What makes this year special is that each cookie will come with an attached letter written specially for them. Students will be able to pay for them from January 30- February 3rd. The cookies will be sold for three dollars each and are six inches.

“It’s also different because it’s kind of like a preorder,” said Valori Olson, a member of FCCLA. This will give time for everyone who has signed up to make the cookies.

 “This recipe had been a school tradition for over 50 years” said Zegers.

FCCLA members and students who signed up will make them starting February 1 through the 9th. Then they will be delivered on the 14th during lunch and access. Anyone is welcome to sign up and enjoy time with friends. Making cookies is a great way to express your creativity and the letter is a way to express your love.