Cake Balls Lab

Cake Pops and Cake Balls have been trending for about 2 years.  According to Tastewise, this trend is starting to decrease in popularity by 18% over the past year. However, around David City, we see them at weddings, birthdays, graduations, and more.  A trip to Scooters for a coffee delight may entice you to purchase a yummy treat to add to your sweet tooth desire. At Scooters, this purchase is only $3 for 1 cake ball or $5 for 2.  At Northside Truck Stop you can get 1 cake ball for $2 at their buffet of prepared meals and snacks.

Culinary Arts students have completed their first lab on Unit Pricing.  During the lesson, three groups made three different kinds of Cake Balls.  They are graded on Mise en Place, Presentation, and Unit Pricing.  Each group made a different yield based on how they scooped, what size they scooped, and consistency.  The average was about 32 servings.  After unit pricing, the groups averaged each ball costing $.295 to make and package.  The class then discussed that selling 2 cake desserts per package at $1.50 would provide a profit. The next level of discussion was supply and demand, they ended up feeling good about charging a customer $3 for the pair. After all, was done, the students have plenty of desserts ready for delivery. 

Today Feb. 3rd the teachers and office staff will be provided a treat from the Culinary Arts class free of charge, we appreciate your time and dedication to our school.  With more labs to come, other members of the staff will benefit from the delicious food created in the Family Consumer Science, Culinary Arts Program.